Beautiful Vision

My vision for Reflecting Beautiful is to create a place for girls and women to discover, define, and share true beauty.  

Discover: I have long understood beauty to be an inner attribute far above and beyond outward looks.  To me, beautiful is who a woman is, not what she is.  This blog is my effort to share my discoveries about true, inner beauty with my sisters in faith (and with any gentlemen who would like some insight into the heart of true femininity).  I ask you to come on a journey with me to discover your own inner beauty and learn to reflect it to all those around you.  

Define: Among other things, a reflection is a representation, of an object.  What is seen on the outside, in the words and actions of a person, is actually a reflection of that person’s inner being.  Therefore, I believe that no matter how pretty one is on the outside, without a beautiful inner life, that person’s beauty is limited and perhaps even obliterated by inner ugliness.  

Share: I will be sharing my thoughts and reflections on many things here.  Not every post will be directly related to inner (or outer) beauty, but every post will be carefully chosen to help cultivate an appreciation for the beautiful things in life!  I hope that as you read the posts on this blog, you will be encouraged to respond, either by commenting directly, or by sending me an email at  My vision is for this blog to grow into a forum for sharing from the heart about the many things we as women struggle with, as well as a place to share fun, innovative, and beautiful ideas.  

May you be richly blessed in your pursuit of beautiful!!


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